Analysing the media market

To choose proper media, it is vital to know the preferences of the target group. A detailed media market analysis (scale of press readership, radio listenership, TV viewership and web traffic on websites) is necessary. Confronting the research results with the costs of reaching the target group with advertising message allows us to distribute the budget in the most efficient way. The best option for each product or service will be the medium which reaches the target group most effectively at the lowest possible cost.

Analysing competition’s advertising activity

Successful companies know that the marketing environment constantly creates new opportunities and risks and understand the significance of constant monitoring of their competitors’ actions. Knowledge of your competition is one of the elements which decide about long-lasting attractiveness of the company on the market. We gather intelligence about the competitors’ advertising activity: estimate their advertising budget and its distribution for media and investments in particular months.

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Media brief is a starting point in planning a media campaign and is one of the most underestimated and useful tools for both company’s marketing department and for the media house. The information we receive about the product, company’s situation on the market, target group and the character of prepared marketing actions enables us to conduct adequate research and analysis, whose effect is the strategy used for choosing communication channels. The more detailed and precise the briefing is, the better opportunities for optimising media actions.

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Choosing the target group

Defining the target group has a major influence on the character of a campaign. Knowing the group’s preferences and size allows reaching it with a precise advertising message. By cooperating with Clients and using specialised research programs, we define the sociodemographic  character of the target group, taking into account such important factor like lifestyle, preferences and brand loyalty.

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Post-buy analysis

After the campaign we measure its effects and compare the results with the assumed targets. The choice of media and their effectiveness are evaluated. The results of the analysis provide valuable information which should be taken into consideration in planning further campaigns.

Media purchase

After the media plan has been approved, we purchase the space and time for advertising. This action is always compliant with the earlier arrangements made at the planning stage. We constantly monitor the campaign after its launch for any irregularities which, if they occur, are promptly removed.

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Media strategy

and planning

At this stage, using earlier analysis and experience, the media are chosen together with the advertising vehicles and the budget is distributed. The campaign planners choose specific media categories, taking into consideration features of the product and of the message, habits of the target group and costs. Within each medium we look for the most cost-effective vehicles.

Media plan

After all the information has been gathered and the media strategy accepted by the Client, we start preparing a media plan. The plan precisely specifies the vehicles chosen for the campaign, format of ads (spot length, size of press advertisements), time of broadcast, costs (including discounts and commissions), deadlines for delivering the materials to media, campaign parameters (GRP, reach, frequency, costs of reaching). Another part of this stage are negotiations with the media. Our experience and cumulated budgets of our Clients give us strength and potential during negotiations which result in satisfying conditions.

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